• David Bornancin

The Planets and Universe is Watching over YOU!

This Wall Art Work and Wall Painting take up a lot more space then you might think. It's actually roughly 8 Ft by 8 Ft in size and took months to create and blend all the 100 colors used in this piece.

I first created this for my Daughter Ashley and she said Dad the Eye is watching me and I said no it's all the planets and the universe that's watching you.

A lot of paint and lot's of mixing and layering used to bring a different perspective to the piece. Interpretive Art while balancing and blending mixtures of Blues, Whites, Reds, Orange, Blacks and Yellows to carry the flow and design across a large wall without losing the total effect I wanted.

The Universe is Watching over You, a perfect title for this specialty piece.

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