• David Bornancin

Local Artist returns back to Cleveland

Hello everyone and welcome to my New Artist Blog site. My day job for many years has been a Software Sales Professional and an Artist. I have been drawing all my life and creating all kinds of designs. About 6 years ago I decided to start transitioning into Paintings, Wall Art and other media.

I'm originally from Westlake, Ohio and moved to LA and lived there for roughly 10 Years. I had a small studio in Glendale, CA and sold commissioned work to many people and small businesses. After the Covid-19 hit the California market I had to close my shop and I decided to move back to Cleveland and once again start building my new Art Collections. I call it something for everyone.

I wanted to tap into my inter creativity and look for brand new ideas and out of the box concepts. I started working with Wood | Metal | Plastics | and other materials and was very excited to share my work to the world.

You can find my Paintings, Wall Art and Art Pieces at the following;

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