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 ABOUT The Artist: 

Hello and welcome to my Art Blog.  I spent 10 years in L.A. and was both a Software Sales Professional and also a Local Artist.  I had a small studio in Glendale, CA where I sold a number of pieces and created custom designs.

Due to the total shut down of California and the Covid-19 situation I decided to move back to my home town outside of Cleveland.  Now retired from the Software world I continue to create new Paintings and Art Work.

I'm passionate about a lot of things and creating some one of the kind Art Pieces.  I have a Artist Website and Youtube channel.






Fine Art


One of a kind

Multi-Color | 100 Different Arrays & Colors | Layered/Schemes | Increased Symmetry

Shading & Blending | Unique Concepts | Canvas |Wood |Metal | Balanced Paint Flow

Multi-Textures | 100 Brushes & Styles | Art Tools applied